Météorite NWA 869 découverte en Afrique

Météorite Pierreuse découverte en Afrique

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Authentique Météorite Pierreuse

  • Météorite : Taille minimum 15 mm. Météorite découverte en Afrique, dans le désert du Sahara, officiellement répertoriée sous le nom de NWA 869 de type chondrite L4-6
  • Certificat d'Authenticité : Chaque météorite est accompagnée d’un certificat d’authenticité signé

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  • Meteorite: Iron meteorite, minimum size 0.4x0.4 inch (10x10mm) found in Argentina
  • Certificate of Authenticity: As members of the Meteoritical Society we guarantee the authenticity. The certificate contains all scientific data meteorite.

Campo del cielo (iron meteorite IA), Gran Chaco, Argentina

Location: Chaco, Gran Chaco Gualamba Argentina

Co-ordinates: 27°28'S, 60°35'W

Date of find: 1576/2000
Total known weight: 50,000kg (approx)

Number of pieces: Many shower
Type : Iron, IA Octahedrite, coarse (3.0mm) with silicate inclusions.


A large mass estimated at about 15 tons was found, Don Rubin de Celis, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London, 1788, 78, p.37, 183, L.Fletcher, Min. Mag., 1889, 8, p.229. In 1813 a mass of about 1400lb was brought to Buenos Aires and was later given to Sir Woodbine Parish who presented it to the Nat. Hist. Mus. London, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London, 1834, 125, p.53. Full description, E.Cohen, Meteoritenkunde, 1905, 3, p.35. Wöhler's Iron, a 114g mass from an unknown locality in Wöhler's collection, was referred to Otumpa by A.Brezina. Described and analyzed, 7.38% Ni, F.Wöhler, Ann. Chem. Pharm. Leipzig, 1852, 81, p.252.


 Locality description, A.Alvarez, El Meteorito del Chaco, Buenos Aires, 1926, 149, p.1055. The large mass found by Don Rubin de Celis in 1783 appears to have been recorded by Hernan Mexia de Miraval as early as 1576. The mass of about 1000kg, of which the 1400lb mass in the Nat. Hist. Mus. London is the greater part, was found in 1803 at Runa Pocito, Campo del Cielo, Santiago del Estero. Some pieces of this mass have been heated and forged, V.F.Buchwald, Handbook of Iron Meteorites, Univ. Of California, 1975, p.373. Many other masses have been found in the Campo del Cielo near the boundary between Santiago del Estero  and Chaco Nacional.